Things to Do in Austin and Surrounding Areas


Thank you for visiting Explore Central Texas website. This website is dedicated to people living or visiting Central Texas that want something a little less discovered. It is mainly concentrated on Austin and the surrounding communities. There are a lot of small communities around Austin that have a lot to offer. There are a lot of things to do in the area and we would like to share a few of them with you. A lot of them are casual, affordable and locally owned.

Whether for business, pleasure, vacation or a much anticipated getaway, you will find plenty of things to do  in Austin TX and the surrounding areas. Even if you live here this website gives you some information on some of the off the beaten path things to do in Austin TX and surrounding area.

Explore some of our excellent restaurants and dining along with hidden neighborhood gems and more. Austin and surrounding areas culture vary dramatically. What about the southern cuisine? Central Texas is as diverse in its dining as it is in its topography and culture.

It is our hope that this information helps you experience the beauty of Austin Texas and the rural areas surrounding it. Most of all we hope you enjoy your journey!

We cover everything from unique antiques shops, coffee shops, the barbecue joints all the to a good place to go fishing. A lot on information you get from our site will be links to other web sites that specialize in the category you are interested in. We just make it easier by putting it all in one place. Some of the links you click on will take you to other sites so please read our privacy policy.

We really value your input. So if you know of that special little place that serves the best whatever, please feel free to contact us and tell us about it so that we can help others enjoy it also.

There may also be links to mainstream establishments. Even though our focus is off the beaten path places there are many mainstream services and places that give excellent experiences. Whatever it takes we want you to enjoy your stay in Central Texas whether you stay here or are visiting from 6000 miles away.

Again welcome to Central Texas!